Today I was at the mall, and I went to the bookstore looking for a book, for my aunt, and I only was going to buy the book for my aunt, but I ended buying 5 books. One book for my cousin, and 4 books for me, and I didn't buy the book for my aunt:(, because the book was sold out! The books that I bought aren't new but I wanted to read them for a long time, so I'm really 
happy with my new books.
    My New Books:
*Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
*That Summer by Sarah Dessen
*Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
*The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
*The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (For Cousin!)

byebye xoxo

Sarah =) 
Wishing all the mother's out there a wonderful Mother's Day!! 

Today I had a wonderful day... First Church, then Thor!!! (Imax & 3D), and later dinner with my favorite Aunt * *Love u Tiiti Debbie*. But I was a little sad because My Mom was at the hospital... what a mother's day =/ and she is back in my country (Puerto Rico), so I cannot be with her. But that why I'm here to work hard, so when I get my own house I can bring her with me. Mamii I love u you are the best Mom in the whole world!!! 
byebye xoxo

Sarita =)

What is R.A.K??? 
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Book Soulmates

Finally I finish my Freshman year of College!!! I'm so happy... and really tired (to much homework, projects) Now all my time to my Books well the ones i got left (only 4) *sad face*
byebye xoxo